Control Room Switches :

Control rooms must be dependable and exhibit correct data both on-site and remotely. Additionally, they must offer secure access to information and sufficient flexibility and scalability to meet changing customer needs and adopt new technologies.

Control switches can be found throughout the plant in control rooms and control panels.

Hardened Enterprise-grade switches

  • MACH102: 8TP modular switch, up to 26 ports, 10 fixed ports, two of which are Gigabit (modules available for MM/SM fibre, Rj45, PoE/PoE+ and SFP)
  • MACH102: 8TP-F 10 fixed ports, two of which are Gigabit - Combo ports
  • MACH102: 24TP-F 26 fixed ports, two of which are Gigabit - Combo ports
  • MACH104: All Gigabit, 4 RJ45/SFP Combo ports, and 20 Rj45 ports (4 of which can be PoE)
  • MACH104: All Gigabit, 4 RJ45/SFP Combo ports, and 16 Rj45 PoE+ ports (optional with 2XFP 10G uplink ports)

Unmanaged DIN Rail Mount Switches :

Unmanaged Industrial Switches are "plug and play" devices designed to connect equipment in network environments subject to harsh operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C, vibrations, and shocks. They are designed to outperform commercial switches, with industrial safety certification and permission for hazardous places, making them perfect for operation in extreme environmental circumstances.

Feature-rich unmanaged switches with selectable port types, features, and approvals

  • RS20: 4,8,9,16,17,24 or 25 ports
  • RS30: 10, 18, or 26 ports (2 are GB)
  • Upto 4 Fiber ports available
  • Cost-effective, plug & play
  • unmanaged switches
  • Spider 2,3,5 or 8 Ports
  • Spider 2 or 5 ports with PoE PD
  • Spider PoE Injector
  • Spider II PoE and 4 Standard ports
  • Spider II GIGA 5 or 7 ports, all Gigabit
  • Spider III Standard Line up to 8 ports
  • Spider III Premium Line up to 9 ports
  • Fibre Ports available

Managed DIN Rail Mount Switches :

The Managed DIN Rail & Compact Switches offer distinctive real-time capability combinations, high bandwidth, security, and high-power PoE/PoE+ support.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased bandwidth and speed capabilities will help you prepare for future growth.
  • The solution makes use of TSN technology to Support Multiple Services on One Network 
  • Widespread support for redundancy systems like MRP, HSR, and PRP
  • Switches support Layer 2 and Layer 3 capabilities on ports ranging from 4 to 28.


Full Gigabit managed modular switches with selectable features and approvals as well as user hotswappable media modules for almost limitless copper/fibre combinations.

  • MS20/30 up to 26 ports, two of which can be Gigabit
  • MSP30/32 HiOS advanced Layer 2 & Layer 3 switch, up to 28 ports, four of which can be Gigabit
  • MSP40/42 HiOS advanced Layer 2 & Layer 3 switch, up to 28 ports, four of which on the first slot can be 2.5 Gigabit

Hardened managed switches with the new HiOS operating system

  •  RSP: uninterrupted redundancy thanks to PRP and HSR, on all ports IEEE 1588v2 time synchronization, comprehensive security functions, variants with 3 GE SFP and 8 FE ports, up to 7 FE SFP slots, layer two and layer three versions.
  • RSPS: optional PRP and HSR, on all ports IEEE 1588v2 time synchronization, variants with 6 FE ports, up to 4 FE SFP slots.
  • RSPL: comprehensive security functions, variants with 2 GE combo and 8 FE ports, up to 4 FE SFP slots.
  • RSPE: best-possible investment protection thanks to maximum flexibility provided by the media modules, layer two and layer three versions

Cost-effective, fast Ethernet redundancy entry-level switch supporting PRP, HSR, or DLR Offered in two, four-port versions:

  • Four FE TX ports
  • Two FE TX ports, plus two FE small form factor pluggable (SFP) ports

Ultra-hardened switches, operating temperature -40 ‘C to +85 ‘C, DC or AC power input

  • RSR20: 8 or 9 ports
  • RSR30: 9 or 10 ports, two or three of which are Gigabit

Fast Ethernet RSB switches with basic software version

  • RSB20: 8 or 9 ports
  • Upto 3 FO ports

Lite managed switch

  • GECKO 4TX- 4 ports
  • GECKO 5TX- 5 ports

The first industrial switch worldwide to provide advanced security and real-time communication through time-sensitive networking(TSN) technology on all ports for standardized Ethernet usage in even the most demanding application

  • BRS 20: Available upto 12 FE ports, four of which are Fiber FE ports
  • BRS BRS 30: Available upto 12 FE ports, four of which are Fiber FE/GE ports
  • BRS 40: Available upto 12 FE/GE ports, four of which are Fiber FE/GE ports
  • BRS50: Available upto 12 FE ports, four of which are Fiber GE/2.5 GE ports

Managed Full Gigabit PoE/PoE+Switches

  • BN44: Available upto 6 FE/GE ports, 2 of which are Fiber GE ports
  • BN48: Available upto 10 FE/GE ports, 2 of which are Fiber GE ports
  • - IS30: Available upto 10 FE/GE ports 5 of which are Fiber FE/GE ports
  • BN3049: Available upto 26 FE/GE ports, four of which are GE combo ports, 2 of which are Fiber GE ports

Fully configurable managed switches with selectable features and approvals

  • RS20: 4, 8, 9, 16, 17, 24, or 25 ports
  • RS30: 10,18, or 26 ports, two of which are Gigabit
  • RS40: 9 ports all Gigabits - Upto 4 FO Ports
  • RS22: 4, 8, 9, 16, 17, 24, or 25 ports, four of which are PoE
  • RS32: 10,18, or 26 ports, four of which are PoE, two are Gigabit
  • 2 Uplink can be Fiber ports

Substation Switches :

Ultra-hardened switches, fully configurable operating temperature -40 ‘C to +85 ‘C, optionally for all variants 4 PoE ports

  • MACH1020: up to 24 ports
  • MACH1030: up to 28 ports up to four of which are Gigabit
  • MACH1120: up to 20 ports on rear of switch, up to four of which are Gigabit
  • MACH1040: 16 Gigabit, RJ45/SFP Combo ports, in layer 2 or layer 3 version

Fast/Gigabit Ethernet switches designed for use in harsh industrial environments

  • From entry-level types with 16 fast Ethernets up to 28 ports Full Gigabit Layer 3 Version
  • Field exchangeable media modules
  • Version with hot-swap power supplies
  • 2.5 Gigabit uplink and full wire speed layer three options

Industrial Switches :

A switch is used to transmit communications signals. A switch provides an exclusive way for telecom signals to go between any two network nodes it connects. An Ethernet switch is the most common type; other types include voice telephone switches, optical fiber switches, and many others.

Depending on the requirements of the two communicating endpoints, switching is the automated transmission of specified data to a corresponding router, either manually or via devices. Advantages of using switches:   

  •  A switch significantly enhances a local area network (LAN) bandwidth by dividing it into numerous conflicting areas, each with its bandwidth
  •  A switch provides advanced functions such as virtual local area network (VLAN) and bridge, hub, and relay functions
  • Several different devices can be connected using switches
  • Switches prevent traffic between two devices on the same network from impeding the use of other devices
  • Switches enable you to manage who has access to which parts of the network
  • Switches enable users to track consumption
  • Switches enable quicker internal network connection than the Internet.

With pluggable modules, high-end switches can be customized for specific network requirements.

Theta Controls provides a diverse range of Layer 2 and 3 rugged Managed DIN Rail & Compact Ethernet Switches of Hirschmann Electronics, Germany, designed for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments. The versatile product portfolio includes management features as well as the option of network monitoring.

Single box cellular routers offering high speed wireless connectivity and remote access options.

  • OWL 3G supports UMTS/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequency band
  • OWL LTE supports LTE, UMTS/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequency bands and has rich set of communication interfaces
  • OWL LTE M12 supports LTE, UMTS/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequency bands and has rich set of communication interfaces, is adherence to the EN50155 standard in a rugged, vibration proof design

Commercial Grade Switch :

  • MTS2624-MTS2600 Series Switch MAMMUTHUS Layer2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch 

24 FE/GE Cu Ports and 4 1G/10GE fiber Ports

  •  MTS 2724/MTS 2748-MTS2700 Series Switch - MAMMUTHUS Layer3 PoE/PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Switch 24 FE/GE POE/POE+ Cu Ports and 4 1G/10GE fiber Ports

48 FE/GE POE/POE+ Cu Ports and 4 1G/10GE fiber Ports

  • MTS 2824/MTS 2848-MTS2800 Series Switch - MAMMUTHUS Layer3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch 24 FE/GE Cu Ports and 6 1G/10GE fiber Ports.

48 FE/GE Cu Ports and 6 1G/10GE fiber Ports.

  •  MTS 2948- MTS2900 Series Switch - MAMMUTHUS Layer3 10Gigabit Ethernet Core Switch 48 (1GE/10GE) SFP ports and 6 SFP ports of 40GE

Hirschmann IT wireless Access Point :

  • Hirschmann IT Dragonfly Enterprise Wi-Fi 6 Access Point-Both indoor and outdoor series support 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual GE uplink, OFDMA, MU-MIMO and all sort of Wi-Fi 6 features that can deliver more capacity for bandwidth with less latency, which is ideal choice for your high-quality wireless requirement.
  • Hirschmann IT Dragonfly Access Point Virtual Controller - Dragonfly Access Point Virtual Controller (DAC) from Hirschmann IT is the WiFi cloud management system specifically designed for large wireless network deployment scenarios with continuous geographic coverage in large and medium-sized enterprises as well as educational institutions.

Garrett com Products :

  • Routers & WAN-Compliant with IEC 61850, the routers are ideal for large substation installations or similar applications where hardness, performance, security, quality of service and diverse protocols are required Garrett com Magnum 10RX Configurable Router and Security Appliance.

IP 67 Waterproof Switches :

  • Octopus 5TX unmanaged 5-ports, 12 D-code
  • Octopus 8TX-EEC unmanaged configurable, 8 ports, M12 D-code
  • Octopus 8TX PoE-EEC unmanaged, 8, 16, & 24 ports, M12 D-code
  • Octopus 8M/16M/24M managed, 8, 16, & 24 ports, M12 D-code
  • Octopus 8M-6PoE & 8M-8PoE managed 8 ports, M12 D-code, 6 and 8 of which are PoE
  • Octopus 16M-8PoE & 24M-8PoE managed 16 and 24 ports, M12 D-code, 8 of which are PoE
  • Octopus OS2x/3x: IP65/67; from 8 up to 28 ports; M12 D-core; serveral options available; multi- or singlemode fibre ports, Power over Ethernet with up to 15 PoE/ PoE+ ports, 2 or 4 GE ports M12 X-code, managed or unmanaged types, layer 3 software support, power supply options from 24 to 110V DC and 100 to 230 V AC, certified for trains, ships and for use in road vehicles.

Backbone Switches :

High density and high speed backbone switch with layer 3 /routing and speeds up to 10 Gigabit

  • MACH4002: 24G up to 24 Gigabit ports
  • MACH4002: 24G+3x, up to 24 Gigabit ports and three 10 Gigabit XFP ports
  • MACH4002: 48G up to 48 Gigabit ports
  • MACH4002: 48G+3x, up to 48 Gigabit ports and three 10 Gigabit XFP ports

Industrial Wireless LAN :

  • OpenBAT family - BAT-R and BAT-F -rugged configurable wireless LAN access points and/or clients
  • BAT450-F rugged compact and lightweight configurable wireless LAN access points and/or clients
  • BAT867-R configurable wireless LAN access point and/or client featuring IEEE 802.11ac
  • BAT Controller WLC for centralized management of large WLAN networks
  • BAT-C Wireless LAN access client
  • Extensive antenna and accessory offering

Security, Firewall and VPN Appliances :

Network segmentation, VPN and deep packet inspection.

  • Tofino Xenon: Industrial firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and optional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for bridged communication.
  • EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402: Multiport Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewalls optional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) in convection-cooled metal DIN Rail housings which support 6 LAN ports – two of which are Gigabit and two SHDSL ports
  • EAGLE One: Industrial firewall providing Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) for bridged or routed communication combined with a unique Firewall Learning Mode and comprehensive Network Address Translation (NAT) techniques.

Network Management Software :

  • Network visualization and configuration software with integrated OPC server.
  • Obtain instant visibility of key performance indicators with the Network Dashboard
  • Find faults quickly and achieve timely remediation that improves uptime and security
  • MultiConfig configures hundreds of devices from any manufacturer simultaneously
  • Security Status Visualization
  • The Hirschmann Annual Maintenance Plan is available for cost effective updates
  • Configuration Signature Check monitors changes to device configuration files
  • Alerts are generated when unauthorized changes are made, rogue devices are added or MAC/IP address pairs change

Fiber Convertors :

  • Available for Single/Multimode Fiber
  • Available with One/Two Fibers
  • Can form Redundant Ring with Fibers
  • Available for Single/Multimode Fiber
  • Available with One Fiber
  • BCan form Redundant Ring with Fibers!
  • Available for Single/Multimode Fiber
  • Available with One/Two Fibers
  • Can form Redundant Ring with Fibers

Cables & Accessories :

  • Belden's fire survival & circuit integrity cables ensures continuous operation of emergency circuits, lowest smoke & zero emission of toxic gases in critical & hazardous applications
  •  Manufactured with a hybrid mica glass tape, highly engineered insulation materials & LSHZ sheath
  • Fire resistance with a high performance which can meet IEC60331, Gb19666, Bs6387, EN50200 etc.
  • Cores & Pairs, Triple or Quad optional


  • Single Modules: 6 x SC Duplex, 6x LC Duplex, 12x LC Duplex, 4 x Rj45 Keystone Jack unshielded or shielded
  • Double Modules: 12 x SC Duplex and 12 x LC Duplex
  • Accessories: Pigtails

Hardened pre-terminated and factory tested cordsets

  • RJ45-RJ45, RJ45-M12, M12-M12
  • Unshielded and Shielded Versions
  • PVC, TPE and TPE High-Flex Cat 5e UTP
  • 17 lengths - from 0.3 to 50 meters
  • M12 bulkhead termination also available
  • Power Flexibility - Products available with wide ranging AC or DC input and 24 volt or -48 volt output.
  • Hardened - Units are available with operating temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C.
  • Waterproof Units Available - Two Ip67 rated units with -48VDC output are available.

Extending the reach of copper for serial & fieldbus protocols via fiber

  • Line Flexibility - Fiber, copper SFP transceivers are available. Bi-Directional models may also be selected.
  • Fiber Flexibility - Both single and multimode SFP transceivers are available.
  • Data Rate Flexibility - Fast Ethernet, GE and 10 Gigabit units may be selected.
  • Auto-configuration adapter 64 MB, with USB 1.1 connection and extended temperature range, saves two different versions of configuration data and operating software from the connected switch.
  • Simple plug-and-play - after connecting the ACA, the new switch loads and saves the complete configuration and software
  • No network knowledge required - only connect the ACA and power up the new switch - instantly ready for use
  • Increased flexibility – a wide range of Auto-configuration Adapters that perfectly support Hirschmann’s industrial Ethernet and wireless solutions for reliable performance

Serial to Ethernet Media Convertors :

End devices with a serial interface can be easily and reliably connected to ethernet network

Embedded Ethernet :

  • EES Embedded EthernetSwitches EES20/EES25 and EESX20 and EESX
  • EES Development Kit

Secure Remote Access Solution :

A simple and secure way to provide remote network access and diagnostics through a three-component system:

  • GateManager
  • SiteManager
  • LinkManager

Industrial Cellular Routers :


Single box cellular routers offering high speed wireless connectivity and remote access options.

  • OWL 3G supports UMTS/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequency band
  • OWL LTE supports LTE, UMTS/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequency bands and has rich set of communication interfaces
  • OWL LTE M12 supports LTE, UMTS/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequency bands and has rich set of communication interfaces, is adherence to the EN50155 standard in a rugged, vibration proof design

Industrial Networking :


Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV’s) :

SROV –System  consists of the following

  • The Surveillance Remotely Operated Vehicle (SROV) is a mini ROV designed for carrying out surveillance covertly, provide video feedback on real time during day or night conditions. 
  • The SROV can be deployed with in buildings for carrying out surveillance during any counter –terrorist or counter –insurgency operations.
  • The Versatile SROV is capable of climbing 165 mm stairs inside the buildings.
  • The SROV is Equipped with Night Vision Camera, Water jet distrupter , and optional Payload of Thermal Imager, charge Drop Assembly.

Daksh is a remotely operated robotic vehicle for multipurpose applications in hazardous environments. It is designed to  be a valuable equipment for Army/Paramilitary forces in challenging missions. One lot has been supplied for IED (Improvised Explosive Device) retrieval.

ROV-Daksh system consists of the following

  • The main unit: Remote Operated Vehicle  - ROV Daksh
  • Master Control Station (MCS) for ROV
  • A specially designed Carrier Vehicle to carry the Daksh and MCS  to site 
  • Accessories such as X-Ray Machine, Water Jet Disrupter,  Shotgun, Extension arm etc.
  • ROV-Daksh can lift 20 Kg at 2.5 meters.

CSROV –System  consists of the following

  • The Confined Space Remotely Operated Vehicle is a compact Unmanned ROV Designed  to defuse  Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).
  • The IEDs ma be located  in urban or forested area during  counter –Terrorist (C/T) and Counter Insurgency (C/I) operations.
  • The CSROV is capable of being remotely controlled over a range of 200 m line of sight. 
  • The versatile CSROV is capable of climbing 22mm/40 deg stair inside building. 
  • It is electrically powered by special batteries and multiple cameras on board for aiding the operator to drive as carry out mission specific tasks.
  • CSROV can lift 8 Kg at 2.2 meters.

Units Developed For Mahindra Defence :

Units Developed For ROV's :

  • Works on RS485
  • 24V inputs
  • Relay outputs
  • Suitable for 8 Cameras
  • Supports Quad Vision and PIP
  • Has drives for 2 PMDC Motors and 6 BLDC Motors
  • Command on serial port
  • Custom graphics
  • 3 joysticks
  • Sends Command on RS232
  • To send Video, Audio & RS232 Data
  • Length- 200m
  • Can be unwound with signal in live condition
  • Suitable for 230V, 10A
  • Length- 200m
  • Mains can remain ON, while winding or unwiding
  • Can operate in temperatures  of  -20° C to 50° C
  • Green laser for better visibility
  • Used for aiming shotgun/disrupter
  • Generates 12V from the input of 24V
  • Distributes 24V and 12 V to various devices in the RO
  • Custom graphics
  • 3 joysticks
  • Sends Command on RS232

Units Developed For AERV :


  • Gives the compactness of the soil
  • Also informs which vehicle can pass over the terrain
  • Gives inclination from -45deg to +45deg
  • Temprature compensated
  • Takes the RS-232/RS-485 signals from 8 instruments and sends them on Ethernet to PC
  • JSS55555 qualified
  • With the sensor supplied measures velocity of water in m/s

Special Test Equipment (STE) :

Theta has made Test Equipment for the various equipment it has developed.  Many of them have been supplied to our Customers like R&DE, BEL, Mahindra Defence, as well to the End Users, MOD
We have also made an integrated Test Equipment for MOD, which can test around 10 units which were manufactured by us for ROV 'Daskh'
While most of the test units made are operated manually, we have also made Automated Test Equipment, which are controlled by the PC.  


Rugged Ethernet Switch :

Rugged Ethernet Switch Description

Theta is a distributor of hirschmann for over 20 years & have the capability of giving complete support for networking solutions, including design. We can now ruggedize those switches for you to conform to JSS-55555 applications, for land and sea. We can offer both managed and unmanaged switches, including PoE ports. 

Defence System Overview :

About our Activities

THETA has been developing Controllers and Instruments, mainly for DRDO, for the last 30 years. Many of the units developed by us have gone in production / field use.

We had been involved with the development of ROV 'Daksh' for several years, and had developed several major subassemblies for it. We were also privileged to be selected as one of the 4 production partners for manufacturing complete

Theta is also involved in other projects of R&DE, like the SROV, CSROV, UXOR etc.

We are presently working with multiple users across Various DRDO's, PSU's and also private Defence Manufacturers. We handle development of units as per required specifications, and also manufacturing capabilities to provide required


Theta has developmental capabilities - as under

  • Embedded Controls –
    • Over the years, THETA has developed various embedded systems for a wide spectrum of applications.
    • We are working on the 8051 family, Microchip, ARM & also Tibbo programmable devices.
  • Power Electronics –
    • We work with Thyristors, MosFETs, IGBT's, etc, and have done various units like the power regulator, specialized power supplies, HV PSU's, Buck Boost converters, etc
  • Analog, Digital and Discrete Logic –
    • These are very useful for signal conditioning, as well as implementing fast logic. We also work on CPLD's
  • Working across Multiple Technologies -
    • We have worked with various technologies like PC systems, Communication, Mechanical Systems, Motor Controls, etc
  • Ruggedization of units –
    • Most of the units developed by us, that have gone in production, have been tested for JSS-55555.

Our Services:

  • Manufacturing to your Design
  • Developing to your circuits
  • Developing to your requirement
  • Any other

Process Control :

The ability to monitor and adjust a process to produce the desired output is process control. Process control is used in industries to maintain and improve quality. A process control system ensures that a continuous industrial process will operate consistently, smoothly, and reliably at the desired efficiency level with only normal variance. A properly thought out and implemented process control system can offer businesses many advantages.

Process Control Instruments

Instrumentation and control describe the analysis, measurement, and control of industrial process variables using process control tools and instruments, such as temperature, pressure, flow, level sensors, analyzers, electrical and mechanical actuators, automated control systems, and more. To increase the effectiveness of control systems, many types of controllers are used.

Process control instruments monitor and manage process variables in an industrial setting with hardware and software technologies. Mathematical models of the systems and processes used in industry are used to create Controller Control Systems.

Almost every sector with repeatable manufacturing requires Industrial Control Systems and Process Control Instruments. We offer numerous Temperature Control Systems and Accessories to ensure customer satisfaction in various industries.

PID controller

PID controllers, also known as three-term controllers, are control loop mechanisms that use feedback and are frequently employed in Industrial Control Systems and other applications that call for continuous regulated control. A PID controller regulates temperature, pressure, flow, speed, and other process variables in industrial control applications.

The difference between the desired setpoint and a measured process variable is the error value that a PID controller continually calculates and applies a correction based on proportional, integral, and derivative terms. An accurate and responsive correction is automatically made to a control function by PID.

PID control is a well-known method of directing a system toward a specific position or level. As a method of temperature management, it is practically ubiquitous and used in various scientific and chemical, and automated processes.

Different Types of Process Controllers

On-off, Proportional, and PID controllers are the three basic types. Depending on the system to be handled, the operator can employ one type to control the operation.

  • On-off

The simplest form of the temperature control device is an on-off controller. There is no intermediate state; it is either on or off. When the temperature exceeds the set point, an on/off controller will switch the output. Limit controllers are one unique variety of on-off control. When a specific temperature is achieved, this controller uses a latching relay that must be manually reset to shut down a process.

  • Proportional Control

On-off control cycling is intended to be eliminated using proportional controls. As the temperature gets closer to the setpoint, a proportional controller reduces the average power provided to the heater. This has the effect of slowing down the heater so that it does not overrun the setpoint but instead approaches it and maintains a consistent temperature.


  • PID Controller

This standard PID controller combines integral and derivative control (PID) with proportional control to assist the device in automatically accounting for system changes. These modifications, integral and derivative, are stated in time-based units; they are also known by their reciprocals, RESET, and RATE, respectively.

Each proportional, integral, and derivative term needs to be "adjusted" to a specific system through trial and error. It provides the most accurate and steady control of the three controller types and is best suited in systems with a low mass that responds quickly to changes in energy input.

Application of PID Controller

Adjusting some of the physical parameters in control systems, including pressure, flow value, temperature, and others is the primary use of the PID controller. This device is also useful for keeping these physical parameters constant. Some other PID controller uses are:

  • In many industrial applications, huge furnaces heat and melt many components. Temperature values must be regularly monitored so that the furnace temperature remains constant. Thus a PID controller is necessary.
  • Can be used as a high-level power point tracking controller device.
  • Suitable for use in power conversion devices.
  • To maintain the humidity and temperature levels in various areas, PID controllers are used.


Our atest TH.PID 1 series with many innovations

  • Heater break detection
  • Profile Controller
  • Multiple event inputs
  • Remote setpoint
  • High Accuracy 18 Bit A-D-C Input and 15 Bit-AGropur D-A-C Output
  • True Universal Inputs of Thermocouple, RTD, MA, V
  • Fuzzy+PID Control
  • Possibility of both RS-485 and Analog Transmission
  • Auto Tuning
  • 2 Programs Each With 8 Segments of Ramp & Son
  • Up to 6 Event Inputs
  • CT inputs For Heater-Break Detection
  • High Sampling Rate of 200msec
  • Bidirectional Menu Navigation
  • Total 9 profiles with 16, 32, and 64 segments at most
  • Each segment is to be configured as a ramp or dwell (soak)
  • The fast sample rate of 200 msec
  • Up to three relays are configurable for event output
  • Analog retransmission
  • Optional RS-485 or RS-232 communications
  • DAQ software is available and can be customized
  • It supports many PLCs like (ABB, GE Fanuc, Siemens, etc.)
  • Supports various protocols like Modbus, Ethernet, CAN open, Profibus, etc
  • Data logging, bar graphs, trends, and alarms.
  • Animation: display/hide, flash, color change.
  • FDA 21 CFR - Part 11 Compliance
  • Many types of IO modules available
  • RS-485 with Modbus RTU protocol
  • Can be used as external channels for PR series Paperless Recorders
  • Add on 10 to existing PLC, HMI & SCADA systems
  • Cost effective Remote IO solution
  • Data Acquisition software available and can be customized
  • All-in-one device including functions of PLC, HMI, and I/O modules
  • 10.4-inch TFT LCD True Colour display
  • Horizontal / Vertical installation
  • Communication: RS232, RS422/485, Ethernet, CAN, USB, VGA, HDMI, Audio
  • 32 input and 32 output points provided
  • Motion control and high-speed counting function included
  • Auto-tuning /Self-tuning and Fuzzy Logic
  • Inputs: T/C, RTD, mA, V DC, Analog input for Remote Set Point
  • Outputs : Relay/Pulse/mA/V DC, Analog Retransmission Output
  • Optional: RS-485/RS-232 Interface
  • Event input for changing function, set point
  • DAQ software is available and can be customized

Recorders :

  • Error-free and user-friendly Automation Solutions
  • Customized solutions for meeting all requirements

Manufacturing businesses are spending more money on industrial automation technology and industrial control system to boost system efficiency and reliability while eliminating production inefficiencies. With the widespread use of automation solutions in the manufacturing, oil & gas, chemicals & materials, and pharmaceutical industries, the market for industrial automation is expanding quickly. Companies can significantly reduce operating and labor expenses by implementing automation components and enterprise control solutions.

Using control systems, computers or robots, and information technology for managing various processes and machinery in an industry to replace humans comes under industrial automation.


Advantages of Industrial Automation

  • Improves precision and flexibility
  • Lower direct labor costs and expenses
  • Boosts productivity
  • Improves process or product consistency
  • Delivers high-quality products


Paperless data collection and analysis are made possible with paperless recorders that offer a secure, reliable, and affordable solution. Paperless recorders from the PR series are available with amazing features and specifications and can have built-in PID controls.


  • Fast logging speed: 100msec sec
  • 2 USB, web server, email, and many more features
  • Supports pulse input, all T/C, RTDs, and Linear Inputs
  • Math Channels available
  • 48/24/6 input channels and max up to 96/48/24 external channels
  • IP65 high-resolution touch screen display
  • Communication Standard Ethernet - Optional RS-232/RS-485/RS-422
  • DAQ software is available and can be customized
  • Can have 1/2 channel PID Controls built-in (with Profile controller)
  • FDA 21 CFR - Part 11 Compliance

Numerous display features, including a trend display, a bar graph display, and a numerical display with a touch pen, characters and, images can be drawn on the screen and saved as data where Ethernet and upper / lower communication are optional.


  • View real-time display of data in various formats
  • Digitally transfer and store all results
  • The built-in display allows users to review measured data in real-time quickly
  • Ease of use due to info-graphics and touchscreen displays
  • Batch recording or continuous data recording is possible

For data recording, storage, and reading-in of settings, hybrid recorders contain an integrated SD card port (cards available separately). Additionally, these recorders feature an LCD digital display for easy monitoring of the measured values. THETA Control is the leading Paperless Temperature Recorder Supplier in India.


  • Combined functions of paper recorder and paperless recorder
  • Enables to print the saved data of inner memory when running out of recording paper(data logger function)
  • Recorder, 50/100mm, 12 Channel, 12 Alarm output, RS485 Ethernet/USB, 100 to 240VAC
  • High-speeded sampling of 25 ms, a high-speed record of 240 mm/H functions
  • Space-saving for installation with compact design (rear length: 168 mm)
  • Supports total 27 kinds of input types
  • Enables order of several types of input cards (weight, voltage, current frequency, potential meter, etc.)

To regulate and record the data, most furnace applications often require a separate Controller and Recorder. Ramp & Dwell controls are required for some furnace applications. Using the new process control Card PC201, the new generation Paperless Recorder offers PID Control, Ramp & Dwell Control and Recording in a single device. For furnace applications, this single-loop controller is used. This reduces the cost, space, and wiring required to use the controller and recorder independently.

Fuzzy Logic and PID microprocessor technologies regulate the Process Control Card. PID microprocessor-based technology and Fuzzy Logic allow a process to achieve a predetermined set point in the least amount of time, with the least overshoot during power-up or external load disruption. The module is simply connected to the paperless recorder's back-side IO slots. The touchscreen menus and navigation allow for a simple configuration of several control and input parameters. The device's Configuration Menu or the PC-based Configuration Software can be used to configure this Process Control Card.


  •  PID Controller, Ramp & Dwell Controller, and Recorder 3 in one Device 
  •  18-bit Universal input A-D for PID Control  
  •  Fuzzy + PID microprocessor-based control  
  •  50 Profiles,1000 Segments in Total  
  •  Auto-tuning and Self Tuning function  
  •  " Soft-start " Ramp and Dwell timer  
  •  Universal inputs( Thermocouple, RTD, mA, VDC )  
  •  Analog input for remote set point and CT    
  • Event input for changing function & set point


Power Controllers :

Thyristor power regulators

Power or voltage delivered to a load is controlled using Thyristor Power Controllers (SCR power controllers). Typical applications are found when power needs to be adjusted and converted into thermal energy. Thyristor power controllers are single-phase or three-phase alternating voltage devices. They vary the mains voltage for the load's activation time and are controlled by a controller.

The Thyristor Controller can reliably and consistently control the process according to the control signal. They offer a seamless method of adjusting the amount of power given to the load. Thyristors don't have any electromechanical movement, unlike contractors, which could result in arcing, sparking, and the creation of carbon. They increase the load's operational life by gradually supplying electricity to the load and preventing electrical surges and transients.

 Thyristor Operation Modes

There are three operating modes for thyristors. They include

•             Forward Blocking

•             Reverse Blocking

•             Forward Conducting


The thyristor is mainly used

•             In variable-speed motor drives

•             To control electrical applications requiring high power

•             Mainly used in AC motors, lights, welding equipment, etc.

•             In circuit breakers and fault current limiters

•             To control the speed of electric fans

•             In ignition switches for cars


•             Easy to control and requires less time to operate

•             Can control AC power and can handle large voltage/ current

•             Thyristor switches have a high operating frequency

•             When compared to mechanical switches, it requires less space

•             Can be used for heavy-duty operations

•             Thyristor maintenance costs are quite low

•             Extremely simple to use for complex controls

•             Thyristors only conduct current in one direction and can be coupled in parallel or series to give electronic control at high power levels

•             They can be used as oscillators in digital circuits

Options available in Phase Angle and Zero Cross control  

  • 4-Wire connection as standard ( 3-wire also available as an option )
  • Built-in protection with semiconductor fuses and snubber circuitry
  • Large Range: 1 phase - 10A to 80A & 3 phase 20A to 350A to meet  a variety of needs
  • Simple, Robust construction long-lasting reliability
  • Very High resolution with Extremely Fast response
  • Minimum maintenance with respect to contactors 
  • Elimination of RFI and Harmonics ( ZCO Range only )
  • Elimination of Arcing   Increased heater life due to lower temperature cycling  
  • Less noise and transients ( ZCO Range only )  
  • Compact size with similar footprint and volume as per comparable  contactor
  • 1 Phase or 3 Phase 3 Phase can have Delta / Star without Neutral
  • Available from 20A to 750A    
  • Optional current limiting available  
  • Compact size     
  • CE marking
  •  Soft Start (0-100 sec)    
  • Accurate Feedback Control    
  •  Supports Multi-Input Control signal    
  •  Heater Break Alarm Option available at 10 sec period    
  • Modbus RTU Protocol port with RS-485    
  • Supports Local or Remote Display    
  • 6 customizable digital Inputs.

Thyristor Switches for Capacitors

Thyristor Switches provide transient-free switching by eliminating inrush currents linked to electromechanical contactor switching. They also work without noise. The capacitors can withstand an infinite number of switching operations. Because of the seamless connection and disconnection, capacitor life increases the normal life.

Static switches with specific capacitors for power factor banks are used

  • To boost the equipment's useful life and power quality
  • There won't be a delay issue with an automatic power factor regulator meter and immediate power factor compensation
  • The power quality complies with the requirements specified by the more effective operation of power systems.
  • Switch for capacitors used in power factor correction    
  • The built-in control unit turns on/off at zero voltage - no surges
  • Operating voltage 380-480V AC, 3 phase Controller has protection for phase loss, fuse failure & overheating  
  • Small size, built-in fast-speed fuse for short-circuit protection
  • Compact size    
  • CE marking

1 Phase / 3 Phase SSRs

When an external voltage (AC or DC) is applied across the control terminals of a solid-state relay (SSR), the device turns on or off electronically. They perform the same task as an electromechanical relay but are more durable because solid-state electronics don't have any moving parts.

SSRs are made up of three parts:

  1. A sensor that responds to an appropriate input (control signal),
  2. An electronic switching device that changes power to the load circuitry, and
  3. And a coupling mechanism that allows the control signal to trigger the switch without mechanical parts.

They can be designed to switch either AC or DC loads. To switch currents up to about 100 amperes, packaged SSRs require power semiconductor components such as thyristors and transistors.

  • Wide range of ratings from 10A to 75A in both single and three Phase    
  • Multiple control options for 4-20mA and Voltage control    
  • Integrated Heat sink - Optional    
  • Random turn on, Zero Cross and Phase Angle controls  
  •  Screw and DIN rail mounting options


Motor & Drive Solutions :

Energy efficiency for electric motors is again getting emphasized as industries around the world prepare for Industry 4.0, posing new technical problems at the component level regarding power, size, performance, dependability, and safety. More current is expected to be driven by modern motors, and they are also expected to have the best high-voltage protection, high efficiency, and reliability.

Electric motors are widely used in industrial sectors. Electric motors are essential for functioning motorized machines for a wide range of industrial automation, robotics, and control applications, whether of the DC type, AC type, or a specific kind like a stepper motor or a brushless DC motor.

Why choose a DC motor?

High starting torque is required for many applications. The D.C. motor can easily handle high resistive torques and quickly increase in load because of its inherent high torque vs. speed characteristic; the motor speed adjusts to the load. Furthermore, D.C. motors are a perfect solution to achieve the downsizing designers need because they are more efficient than other technologies.

Four main types of direct connection motors used are: 

  • Permanent Magnet DC Motor
  • Series DC Motors
  • Shunt DC Motors 
  • Compound DC Motors

Advantages of using DC Motors

  • Installation and maintenance of DC motors are easy.
  • DC motors are often more efficient and make better use of their input energy.
  • Their startup power is high.
  • They offer a high starting torque, up to 500% higher than the usual running torque.
  • They react quickly to accelerating, stopping, and starting.
  • They come in many standard voltages.
  • It provides a wide range of speed control, both above and below the rated speeds.
  • Reactive power consumption is free of harmonics.

Applications of DC Motors

Because of their high starting torque and variable speed, DC motors are used in the following applications.

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Diesel Electric Locomotives
  • Cranes
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Pump Drives
  • Elevators
  • Centrifugal and reciprocating pumps
  • Lathe, Drilling, Milling machines, and Machine tools
  • Blowers and Fans

Theta Controls has a particular line of products to solve many technical issues that motor system designers face. DC Motors of Theta Controls have distinct advantages like exceptionally long service life, extremely low noise level, high efficiency, and superior dynamics.

Our motors are simple to use and integrate. They are perfect for various industries, valve and pump applications, access control, and the energy sector because of their excellent power density, integrated electronics, and multiple features for speed, torque, and positioning control with precise precision.

Theta Controls have a wide range of Brushless DC Motor Controllers, Brushless DC Motors, PMDC / Brushed DC Motor Controllers, PMDC / Brushed DC Motors, Stepper Motor Drives, and Stepper Motors.  Our products and solutions can assist you in implementing the appropriate type of motor control for your application.

Brushless DC motors run quieter, with reduced wear and higher reliability. They are increasingly the preferred choice in electric vehicles and industrial systems. Choose from over 10 product references of single and dual-channel controllers ranging from 30A to 150A per channel. All Roboteq controllers share advanced features, including: 

  • High-Efficiency power stage  
  • Regenerative Braking Support  
  • Multiple Command Modes - Serial, CAN, USB, Analog, Pulse
  • Built-in Programming Language. 

Brushless DC or BLDC motors for a wide range of applications.

  • BLDC Motors range from 30 watts to 1500 watts
  • High-Efficiency power stage    
  • Higher torque & efficiency, longer life, increased reliability  
  • Much lower electromagnetic interference (EMI)  
  • Require very little or no maintenance  
  • Can be supplied with reduction gearbox

Permanent Magnet / Brushed DC motors are the most common and least expensive. Choose from over 30 product references of single and dual-channel motor controllers for brushed DC motors, ranging from 20A to 500A per channel. All Roboteq controllers share advanced features, including:       

  • High-Efficiency power stage  
  • Regenerative Braking Support    
  • Multiple Command Modes - Serial, CAN, USB, Analog, Pulse
  • Built-in Programming Language 

Brushed DC or PMDC motors for a wide range of applications.

  • PMDC Motors range from 30 watts  to 1500 watts  
  • High-Efficiency power stage  
  • Higher torque & efficiency, longer life, increased reliability  
  • Can be supplied with reduction gearbox
  • High torque & high-speed performance.  
  • Bipolar constant-current    
  • Self-diagnosis function  
  • Full & half-step and micro-step
  •  Compact design and lightweight  
  •  High accuracy, speed, and torque  
  • Available in 42mm and 56mm size  
  • Available Torque from 0.206 Nm to 1.5 Nm


Magnetic Sensors:

The MGS1600GY is a sensor capable of detecting and reporting the position of a magnetic field along its horizontal axis. The sensor is intended for line-following robotic applications, using magnetic tape to form a track guide on the floor.  

  • Multiple Command Modes - Serial, USB, CAN  
  • Built-in Programming Language.  
  •  Includes a 3-axis Gyroscope    

Magnetic tape of  25mm (1")and 50mm (2") width in 45.7 meters  (150ft) rolls available

Accessories :

  • 5 GHz frequency support to reduce interference  on 2.4 GHz with other wireless devices
  • Convert RS232/RS422/RS485/USB signals to Wi-Fi for wireless transmission up to 100m
  • Compact size    
  • Surge protection and Reverse polarity protection
  • Various mounting methods (DIN rail, screw mount)
  • Converts USB signal to RS-485 signal  
  • Compatibility with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0    
  • Compact design

No Control system is complete without the correct set of accessories. For the convenience of our customers, we carry an entire range of accessories that are required to interface with our systems. Each of these products provides a high level of Accuracy, Quality and is tested with the unit it will be used with. For higher accuracy requirements, the Sensor and the Required unit (Recorder / Controller) can be calibrated as a set and NABL certification for the same is also available. Some of the products usually required with these systems that are available with us are listed below: 

  • Temperature - RTDs / Themocouples  
  • Pressure - Sensors / Transmitters  
  • Voltage, Current, Power Transmitters  
  • Interface / Isolation modules  
  • Power Supplies 

Solutions :

  • Custom panels with all requisite protections from the control  experts   
  • Complete copper Bus Bars / Cables  
  • Improved reliability through properly designed ventilation  
  • Multiple control / monitoring options can be integrated into the  system
  • Customised panels in MS/SS to meet diverse industrial needs  
  • Transparent doors / covers to protect the equipment when not in use  
  • Equipment is terminated into terminal blocks for ease of wiring and   to avoid any damage to the equipment during commissioning / wiring    
  • IP5X / IP6X panels as required  
  • Variety of termination and interconnection options for  Communication (Ethernet / RS-485), Sensor input connectors, etc   
  • Customised as per application / unit to be tested
  • Highly robust design with an industrial-grade plastic casing
  • Can simulate and monitor Analog as well as Digital IOs for field testing
  • High channel count in a compact package
  • Can be used for - AMF Controller, Simple PLCS, Customised controllers
  • Wide-range supply 100-300 VAC
  • Brainchild's feature-rich Paperless recorder in a Portable, Industrial  grade case  
  • Multiple 3/6/12/18/24++ Temperature / Analog channel options with  true universal inputs  
  • AC/DC Power supply (Built-in Battery optional)  
  • Self-contained unit with all sensors / accessories and cables in  one  case  
  • Panel-mounted  Ethernet / RS-485 port    Analog Outputs / Digital Inputs / Outputs  
  • Product Featured

                - 12 Temperature Inputs

                - 10 Thermocouple + 2 RTD        

                - 12 Pressure Sensor Inputs        

                - Dual Power Supply - 230 V AC OR 11 - 36 V DC

                -High-speed Pulse input ( 4,500 Hz+)        

               - DC Voltage measurement          

              - Provision for Ethernet and RS485 connections

               on the front panel

  • Portable testers for operation of temperature and pressure sensors/switches in the
  • Compact capable of upto 10 bar pressure or 100 °C temperature in the field
  • Can be customised for specific sizes / thread patterns of sensors to be tested
  • Only temperature pressure testers can also be provided
  • Compact Size 500 400 x 200 mm. Light Weight <6 Kg

Measures Active, Reactive, Apparent Energy, Power and THD, along with all the other energy parameters-V1, PF etc.

  • THD upto 15th harmonic
  • Onsite Programmable system configuration 3Ph4W/3Ph3w/1Ph2w
  • Programmable CT ratios and PT ratios Onsite and Remotely (via RS485)
  • Large, white backlit LCD for clearer readings in small frame of 96 x 96 x 55 mm
  • Highly accurate true RMS measurement as per IEC 62053
  • Multiple output options- RS-485/1-Pulse Relay/2-Pulse Relay
  • Can display 67 parameters on screen & measures 130+ key parameters which are available over RS485
  • High Accuracy options - Class 0.5 and Class 0.2
  • Usable for both 3Ph4W/3Ph3W applications
  • High brightness 3-Line LED display
  • Versatile applications with configurable Output options - Upto 2 x 4-20 mA
  • Output, 2 x Relay Outputs, 2 xPulse Outputs, Ethernet and / or RS-485
  • Measures and displays 48 different electrical parameters
  • Low back depth of 80mm despite multiple outputs
  • Import/Export Energy Measurement
  • 3 phase AMF Controller module (can also be used in 1 phase)
  • Senses 3 phase mains as well as DG line current, voltage, frequency, PF and energy.
  • Sensing inverter battery & cabin temperature for telecom sites (EGCP - 04 T)
  • 45 programmable parameters for control, safety and testing
  • 11 Digital Inputs (Optically-Isolated) & 12 Digital Outputs (Optically-isolated) Isolated)
  • Customization and OEM Supplies available
  • Compact 96 X 192 X 80mm frame size
  • Large 16 X 4 LCD for better readability
  • Wide working voltage: 6.5-15V (12V Version)/7-30V (24V Version)
  •  Non contact measurement of vibrations
  •  Sensor is at fixed distance of 200 mm away from objects - can be customized to operate at lower distance up to 50 mm
  • Gives an analog output of vibration
  • Can connect to PC to give frequency + amplitude of vibration
  •  Can measure Amplitude upto 5 mm & frequency up to 1 KHz
  •  Unit measure the diameter of the object
  •  Non contact and continuous measurement
  •  Suitable for Object size from 1 mm to 30 mm n Accuracy of measurement- 5 Microns Application
  • Online measurement of dia of wire / metal being drawn / extruded
  •  Checking ovality of object

Sensors and Control Panel Accessories :

Sensors and Control Panel Accessories Description

  • Power Supply - Battery, AC or DC  Size - 24x48 to 96x96 mm  
  • Display - White LCD, LCD, LED     NPN / PNP selectable      
  • Analog and Digital Options    
  • Flexible operation with multiple operating modes    
  • Wide Time setting range from 0.001 second to 99999.9 hours    
  • Prescale setting for display in required units ( Length, Volume, Position, etc)  
  • Output relays available for preset conditions
  • Suitable products to measure Pressure in Gas, Liquid      or Oil  
  • Wide pressure range -  from 1 bar to 600bar      
  • Temperature range upto -40°  to 125? (as per product selected)  
  • SS 304 / 316L body options for high corrosion resistance    
  • Compact size    
  • Output DC 4-20mA / 1-5VDC / Relay  
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit    
  • Connector types - Cable, DIN43650-A, DT04-3P, M12, Head  
  • Thread sizes - G3/8, G1/4, R1/2    
  • Feature-rich Pressure Sensors - Zero-point adjustment, Peak value, Chattering prevention 
  • Display options for Voltage, Current,    
  • Frequency, Pressure, Temperature, Pulse  Display - Bar Graph, White LCD, LCD, LED      
  • Input Signal - Direct Connection, Current      
  • Transformer, DC Shunt, RTD/Thermocouple, 4-20mA, RS485    
  • Retransmission and Relay output options with upto 11 output modes
  • Type - Incremental, Absolute (Single and Multi-turn)  
  • Resolution Options (upto)  
  • Incremental     - 8,000 ppr  
  • Absolute           - 10-bit (1,024 divisions)  
  • Multi-Turn        - 23-bit (10-bit Single Turn + 13-bit Revolutions)  
  • Sensing Method - Magnetic and Optical options  
  • Output interface: Line Driver, Voltage, Totem Pole, Sine Wave, Parallel, SSI, Binary, BCD  
  • Size: 18mm to 100mm  
  • Shaft: Solid, Hollow, Hollow Blind  
  • Termination: Cable, Connector options with upto 11 output modes
  • Automation of Doors and Production-Line sensing and control    
  • Upto 7m Sensing range    
  • Sensing in High Ambient light and Dusty conditions    
  • Straight beam and cross-beam options 14 configurations (Number of Beams: 4 to 20 / Pitch: 40, 80 mm / Detection area: 120 to 1,040 mm)    
  • Easy installation    
  • Mutual interference prevention , self-diagnosis    
  • Bright LED indicators on emitter and receiver  
  • Plastic and Metal body options    
  • Sizes from 140mm to 1,000 mm
  • Range of interfacing options to simplify  interfacing and wiring of Sensors, PLCs, Relays and Power Wiring    
  • Ease of Maintenance with necessary   indications and minimised wiring  
  • High Durability and Reliability    
  • Screw / Screwless connection options  
  • Reduction of excess components like Power  Supplies and Short Links
  • Compact sensors with options for diverse applications  
  • Sensing distance upto 30m  
  • Excellent Noise immunity and sensing accuracy  
  • Metal / Plastic body options  
  • Sensor Types - Standard, Compact, Ultra-Compact, Oil    
  •  Resistant, Liquid Level, Mirror tape
  • Entire range - Selectors, Push Buttons, Pilot / Indicator Lamps, Tower  Lamps, Dome/Signal Lamps  
  • High Quality Durable products    
  • Wide range of Sizes - 16mm, 22.5mm, 30mm  
  • Differentiating Design Features - Square Indicators/ Push Buttons, Shark fin Selectors
  • Clip-on contact blocks for easier insertion and removal
  • High discharge capacity thanks to powerful zinc oxide varistors / spark gaps    
  • Quick response  
  • AC / DC line protection options   
  • Poles - 2, 3, 4    
  • Voltage - Upto 1200 VDC and 420 VAC  
  • Discharge Current Upto 120 kA Max / 60 kA Nominal    
  • Fault indication by green / red mark in the inspection window and via remote signalling    Slim Modular design according to DIN 43880    
  • Multifunctional terminals for connecting cables and busbars    
  • Complete unit with plug-in protection modules for easier replacement 

Industrial Automation Overview :


  • Error-free and user-friendly Automation Solutions
  • Customized solutions for meeting all requirements

Manufacturing businesses are spending more money on industrial automation technology and industrial control system to boost system efficiency and reliability while eliminating production inefficiencies. With the widespread use of automation solutions in the manufacturing, oil & gas, chemicals & materials, and pharmaceutical industries, the market for industrial automation is expanding quickly. Companies can significantly reduce operating and labor expenses by implementing automation components and enterprise control solutions.

Using control systems, computers or robots, and information technology for managing various processes and machinery in an industry to replace humans comes under industrial automation.


Advantages of Industrial Automation

  • Improves precision and flexibility
  • Lower direct labor costs and expenses
  • Boosts productivity
  • Improves process or product consistency
  • Delivers high-quality products

Automated Test Equipment / End of Line Tester (EOL) :

Automated Test Equipment / End of Line Tester :

Motor, Alternator Test System:

  • Control and log data of alternator under test.
  • Various tests like voltage regulation, temperature rise test etc can be  carried out automatically
  • Automatic inductive and resistive  loading of the alternator
  • Report generation 

Shock Absorber Test System: 

  • Calculates compression and tension values of a shock absorber.
  • Plots online graph
  • Generates final result based on the tolerance band set by the user 

Electrical Contactor Test Bench: 

  • 6 station test bench
  • Test different characteristics of Electrical Contactor
  • Test parameters are user configurable 

ECU Tester

  • No. of ECU's tested simultaneously.
  • Improve existing and future control units 
  • Reduced time to detect and diagnose failure 

Car Door Handle Tester :

  • LabVIEW made the system adaptable for future software modification
  • Continuous sampling , 20m sec sampling rate
  • Reduced testing time by almost 50 percent 

 Gear Box Testing:

  • Gear shifter lever will be operated with the help of motor.
  • User needs to teach the path to follow gear sequence.
  • Different parameters will be  captured during this endurance test

 Body Control Module :

  • Ensuring Safety, testing and control of electrical load parameters.
  • Maintaining Communication between integrated control unit through CAN or Ethernet n
  • Improved productivity. Faster cycle time  

Ultra High Speed Switch tester :

  • 32 Voltage channnels at 6 micro seconds data logging
  • Real time OK -Not OK Monitoring of all channels
  • Reduced testing time increased efficiency
  • High Scanning Rate as 6 Microseconds 

Cluster Tester:

  • Performance test, Endurance test for vehicle electronics
  • CAN Communication Interface
  • Provision for future expansion, store test data into a different database

Generator test system :

  • 1.2 MWatt Generator is tested with back to back loading
  • Futuristic design
  • Analysed reports are generated in prescribed formats 


Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ) :

Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ) :

Chiller monitoring System:

  • A distributed system monitors and maintains  various parameters of climatic chambers like temperature, pressure, energy, flow of refrigerant etc. 

Customized of Power Analyzer: 

  • Data Acquisition system specially developed for compressor monitoring 

Crank Shaft hardening: 

  • Data for manifold voltage, Current KW, Energy is captured live during hardenig of a job, based on the master data , result will be generated as Pass or Fail

DAQ for Gear profile :

  • The system checks the Gear Profile with NI and PLC hardware
  • Data from Servo drives, Motors is processed and analysed
  • Software will capture encoder signal and convert it into the angle  compare it with the set value to give Ok not OK Signal
  • All data is acquired, processed and controlled in LabVIEW by Ethernet / serial communication and result will be displayed on the screen in the prescribed format

DAQ for PID :

  • Connect any make PID's,  configure them over Modbus and start using the software

Temperature and Energy monitoring system:

  • Temperature data logging from sensors like RTD, Thermocouple etc.
  • Energy monitoring from different make energy meters or power analysers like Yokogawa, Rishabh, Schneider etc.

DAQ for flow meter calibration

  • Different type of flow meters can be calibrated on each station
  • The required flow will be controlled through different electric control valve adjustment based on data acquire from related master meter
  • Report generation for analyzed data 

DAQ for Calorimeter

  • The Test Stands systems are designed   to allow endurance testing of compressors under extreme conditions
  • Pressure, Flow parameters are tested in LabVIEW environment n Analysed data is available in prescribed Tabular and graphical format

Distributed Gauging system:

  • Used for vehicle Engine Head and Block are measured and logged
  • Different operator stations
  • Data logged centrally on server
  • User can do SPC analysis of the stored data with same software
  • Online Cp, Cpk values will be shown to the operator for easy and handy testing

System Integration Overview :

IIoT 4.0 Enabled Solutions :

NI Hardware Trading :


  • Consultation in hardware selection according to project and end user requirement
  • Better  delivery Schedules
  • Timely aftersales Service

Control Panel Engineering services :


  • CAB -EOL tester for  automotive  manufacturig giant .Customised Control Panel Designeing , engineering,manufacturing, errection commissioning  for multinational companies. Inhouse and onsite testing
  • AERO Pump test rig -for  Aerospace Application


Iot Components Overview :

Development Tools :


IO Ninja

A Professional, scriptable, multi-purpose terminal emulaor, network sniffer and IO monitor



Taps and monitors I2C and spi communications


Serial Tap

Taps and monitors RS232, RS485, & TTL-level UART communications


Web232/485 board

works as standard USB-to-RS232/485 adaptor, but with WebUSB support

Network Enabled IoT Embedded Modules :


Brought to you by TIBBO Technologies, Taiwan.
A powerful range of cost-effective, easy-to-use, Basic & C Pro

  • Simple programming language - Tibbo BASIC C
  • Event driven programming
  • Integrated development system (TIDE) available - FREE

- Easy to upload / download program
- Easy to debug program without any additional hardware

  • Built on our own TiOS. No Royalty or Licence fee
  • New devices to be added continuously


  • Upto 4 serial ports
  • Ethernet 100 Base T Port (Built in TCP/UDP stack)
  • Upto 56 DIO Lines
  • Real Time Clock
  • 1MB for IOS/code + 1 MB for file system vs IBM for IOS, code & File system

For more details & TIDE download visit -

Serial to Ethernet - Modules & Divces :

EM 203+ RJ45 :

EM 500/510 :

EM 100-04 :

DS 1102 :

RS232/422/485/ MODBUS Port

DS1100 :

RS232 Port

DS1101 :

3.5 - RS232 Port

Tibbo Project System (TPS) :

Rapid Prototyping of Hardware :

Normally, for any project, there is a need to quickly prove the system, without having to wait for hardware development. And, athe
required quantity is small, it makes even less sense to develop/procure/ debug the hardware

Presenting TPS. It is a modular system. Just assemble the I0 modules in the empty slots of the base board, to
choose the functionality you need. No soldering, no drilling, And put the whole PCB in the enclosure your unit can be ready for trais

in less than an hour

You have two options of base boards (which includes Tibbo programmable controller and a power supply) and a wide variety
of O Modules to choose from. You even have a sturdy exercise to go with it.

The Tibbo controller programs in Tibbo Basic or "C" or both

PCB Boards :

Enclosures :

IO Modules - Over 50 type available :

5MP :

Dino-Lite Edge 3.0 :

Dino-Lite Edge :

Dino-Lite Premier :

1.3MP :

Dino-Lite Egde :

DinoLite Egde PLUS :

Dino-Lite Premier :

Digital Microscope Overview :



Accessories :

RK-04 :

The RK-04 is Robust, lightweight and compact rack design. The Dino-Lite RK-04 rack is designed with portability and convenience in mind

RK-06 :

The Dino-Lite RK-06 tabletop stand is designed for general purpose but built with quality. With smooth focus adjustment and quick vertical movement. The ease-of-assembly and adaptable extension arm design adds further mobility and flexibility to user’s applications.

RK-05 :

If you want to observe your object or specimen from a different perspective, the Dino-Lite RK-05 stand provides a multi-angle view with its 30 degrees inclinable pole feature. RK-05 is a light-weight, ultra-portable stand with a one-step assemble/disassemble design.

RK-10 :

The RK-10 features a quick release button for fast and convenient vertical movement and a fine-focus adjustment knob that is especially useful at high magnification. This model also includes an adjustable safety stop that helps prevent accidental collisions between the microscope and the object under view.

RK-02 :

The RK-02 is a durable gooseneck rack designed for flexible and ergonomic usage for Dino-Lite. The C-clamp of RK-02 fits to most desk surface or pole up to 3-inch in thickness, horizontally or vertically. With excellent shaping capability of the gooseneck arm, the Dino-Lite can be easily positioned by bending the arm and by adjusting the rotating head.

MS52B-A2 :

 Articulating flex-arm and desktop base rack for tightening and positioning the arm for examining 360 degree rotation with microscope.

MS23B :

 An articulating desktop clamp allows you to clamp a stand onto a tabletop or attach to any surface up-to 3cm thick.

MS35B :

Is economical and rigid vertical desktop stand designed in such a way that it gives 360 degrees of horizontal axis rotational perspective.

Applications :

Industrial Microscopes :

PCB Microscopes :

Medical Microscopes :

Dermatology / Nail Circulation / Iridology / Trichology / Laboratory / Veterinary

Laboratory Microscopes :

Forensic Science Microscopes :

Hobbies / Jewellery / Coins / Stamps / Antiques / Art restoration / Culture preservation

Natural Science Microscopes :

Educational Microscopes :

Jewerly/ Collectibles :

UV 395nm With MSAA502 :

Without Fluorescence and With Fluorescence :