Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ) :

Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ) :

Chiller monitoring System:

  • A distributed system monitors and maintains  various parameters of climatic chambers like temperature, pressure, energy, flow of refrigerant etc. 

Customized of Power Analyzer: 

  • Data Acquisition system specially developed for compressor monitoring 

Crank Shaft hardening: 

  • Data for manifold voltage, Current KW, Energy is captured live during hardenig of a job, based on the master data , result will be generated as Pass or Fail

DAQ for Gear profile :

  • The system checks the Gear Profile with NI and PLC hardware
  • Data from Servo drives, Motors is processed and analysed
  • Software will capture encoder signal and convert it into the angle  compare it with the set value to give Ok not OK Signal
  • All data is acquired, processed and controlled in LabVIEW by Ethernet / serial communication and result will be displayed on the screen in the prescribed format

DAQ for PID :

  • Connect any make PID's,  configure them over Modbus and start using the software

Temperature and Energy monitoring system:

  • Temperature data logging from sensors like RTD, Thermocouple etc.
  • Energy monitoring from different make energy meters or power analysers like Yokogawa, Rishabh, Schneider etc.

DAQ for flow meter calibration

  • Different type of flow meters can be calibrated on each station
  • The required flow will be controlled through different electric control valve adjustment based on data acquire from related master meter
  • Report generation for analyzed data 

DAQ for Calorimeter

  • The Test Stands systems are designed   to allow endurance testing of compressors under extreme conditions
  • Pressure, Flow parameters are tested in LabVIEW environment n Analysed data is available in prescribed Tabular and graphical format

Distributed Gauging system:

  • Used for vehicle Engine Head and Block are measured and logged
  • Different operator stations
  • Data logged centrally on server
  • User can do SPC analysis of the stored data with same software
  • Online Cp, Cpk values will be shown to the operator for easy and handy testing