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In the dynamic landscape of industrial process control, precision and reliability are paramount. Theta Control stands at the forefront as a leading Paperless Chart Recorder manufacturer in India, delivering state-of-the-art solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of diverse industries. Our commitment to innovation and quality has positioned us as a trusted partner for businesses seeking advanced paperless chart recording technology.

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Unleash Efficiency: Elevate Operations with Precision Automation

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, efficiency, precision, and competitiveness are paramount. From streamlining repetitive tasks to optimizing resource utilization, Automation solutions empower businesses to achieve higher productivity, reduce operational costs, and ensure consistent quality. Experience the future of industrial automation with our cutting-edge solutions.

Theta Controls offers meticulously designed systems that are engineered to enhance operational efficiency through precision engineering and advanced control systems. Seamlessly integrating into your processes, our solutions drive productivity to new heights. Whether it's our Programmable Load Banks equipped with EMI/EMC shielding, our Automated Test Benches for precise pressure and temperature testing, or our Electrical Load Banks R / RL offering unmatched versatility and accuracy, we're here to redefine efficiency in the most innovative and technical way possible.
Programmable Load bank / Battery Discharger

A Programmable Load Bank, also known as a Battery Discharger, is a specialized device used to simulate electrical loads and discharge batteries. It is a versatile tool with numerous applications in various industries.

It's versatile and beneficial for various industries, including:

  • Manufacturing: Ideal for testing and calibrating electrical systems and components.
  • Energy: Ensures the reliability and performance of backup power systems.
  • Telecommunications: Verifies the functionality of backup batteries in critical communication infrastructure.
  • Aerospace: Assures the readiness of power sources in aircraft and space applications.
  • Automotive: Tests and validates the performance of vehicle batteries and charging systems.
  • Renewable Energy: Evaluate the capacity and efficiency of energy storage systems.
  • Defense: Ensures the operational readiness of military equipment and vehicles.
  • Research and Development: Provides a controlled environment for testing and experimentation.
  • Utilities: Verifies the stability and reliability of power distribution systems.

The TH-LBPR is an advanced automatic battery discharger and programmable load designed for comprehensive testing of industrial batteries and power supplies. It accommodates batteries of any type, voltage, and capacity with exceptional versatility.

Key Features:

  • Precise Control: The equipment allows for precise control of constant current, adjustable from 10% to the maximum rated value, independent of battery or supply voltage.
  • Automatic Shutdown: When the battery or supply voltage reaches the minimum programmed value or the maximum test time is reached, the system shuts down automatically, ensuring safety and convenience.
  • User-Friendly: Test programming takes less than 2 minutes, and the operation is entirely automatic.
  • High-Frequency IGBT Regulator: Features a high-frequency IGBT regulator for constant current discharge of the battery.
  • Rugged Construction: Built to withstand heavy-duty industrial applications, ensuring maximum reliability.
  • Compact and Portable: Its compact design makes it easily portable for versatile testing needs.
  • Intelligent Electronic Protection: Equipped with an intelligent electronic protection system for added safety and security.
  • Battery Compatibility: Compatible with batteries of any type, offering flexibility in testing various power sources.
  • Digital Meters: Provides digital readings for battery voltage, current, and time for accurate monitoring.
  • Integrated Data logging (Optional): An optional feature for comprehensive data recording and analysis.

Standard Models:

  • Battery voltage: 12-48 V
  • Battery voltage: 12-96 V
  • Battery voltage: 24-135 V

Standard Discharge Curves:

  • Max discharge current: 200 A
  • Max discharge current: 200 A
  • Max discharge current: 150 A

The TH-LBPR Battery Discharger / Programmable Load is a reliable and versatile solution for in-depth testing of industrial batteries and power supplies, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Electrical Load Banks R / RL are specialized devices used for testing and validating electrical power sources, such as generators, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and electrical systems. They are essential tools for various industries and applications.

R / RL Load Banks are versatile tools with the following key attributes:

  • Load Simulation: They replicate typical electrical loads, facilitating controlled testing without the need for actual connected loads.
  • Customization: These Load Banks can be tailored to specific testing needs, and adaptable to various voltage, power, and frequency configurations.
  • Testing and Validation: They verify power source performance, capacity, and reliability, ensuring compliance with predefined parameters.
  • Precision: R / RL Load Banks deliver precise and accurate load simulations, enabling thorough testing and data analysis.
  • Durability: Designed for extended, continuous use, they excel in demanding testing and evaluation scenarios.

Theta takes pride in manufacturing top-quality Electrical Load Banks, including R / RL models. Our load banks are tailored to your specific applications, ensuring they meet your unique requirements. Experience a host of features designed for precise loading and testing, guaranteeing optimal performance. Our Load Banks feature EMI/EMC shielding, ensuring interference-free performance.


  • They exhibit an extremely low-temperature drift, maintaining accuracy under varying conditions.
  • Temperature rise during operation remains below 40°C, ensuring safe and reliable performance.
  • Their accuracy exceeds 1% across the entire operating temperature range, guaranteeing precision.
  • These Load Banks are built for continuous duty, enduring rigorous testing for over 1000 hours.
  • We offer the flexibility to customize voltage and power combinations to suit specific testing requirements.
  • Our Load Banks can be configured as needed, whether it's for resistive (R), inductive (L), or capacitive (C) loads.
  • With a power range spanning from 10 kVA to 1000 kVA, they accommodate a wide range of testing needs.
  • Additionally, we can design systems capable of handling voltages of up to 1300 VAC and 1800 VDC, ensuring compatibility with diverse setups.

An Automated Test Bench for Pressure and Temperature is a specialized testing system designed for automated and precise measurement and control of pressure and temperature parameters. It is commonly used in various industries and applications for testing and validating equipment, components, or systems under specific pressure and temperature conditions. These test benches offer several key functionalities:

Automated test Benches for Pressure and Temperature offer:

  • Automated Testing: They perform tests automatically, ensuring consistent conditions and data collection.
  • Data Acquisition: Records pressure and temperature data during testing for analysis.
  • Customization: Can be tailored to specific testing needs, including pressure ranges, temperature settings, and protocols.

Theta Controls introduces its state-of-the-art Automated Test Bench for Pressure and Temperature. Our custom solution is designed to cater to a diverse array of temperature and pressure sensors, providing accurate and comprehensive testing capabilities.

  • Our testing system offers precise control, with temperature settings ranging from 10ºC to 200ºC and pressure capabilities from -15 psiG to +150 psiG.
  • Simultaneously test up to 6 sensors, streamlining your testing process and saving valuable time.
  • We've simplified operation with user-friendly pressure scaling options, including psiG, psiA, kPag, kPaA, barA, and barG, accessible via a convenient drop-down menu.
  • Easily create custom test protocols for new sensors, with temperature and pressure control, and comprehensive measurement capabilities.
  • Our system is compatible with a wide range of sensor types, from NTC to Analog and CAN, offering versatile software selection.
  • Custom-designed manifolds are available to supply controlled pressure to multiple sensors from a single source, enhancing efficiency.
  • High-temperature harnesses are customized for effortless sensor connection and interfacing.
  • Automated testing operations once the sensor type is selected, streamlining the testing process.
  • Our detailed reporting provides essential information, including date/time, sensor type, and PASS/FAIL status, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping and analysis.
  • Custom panels with all requisite protections from the control  experts   
  • Complete copper Bus Bars / Cables  
  • Improved reliability through properly designed ventilation  
  • Multiple control / monitoring options can be integrated into the  system
  • Customised panels in MS/SS to meet diverse industrial needs  
  • Transparent doors / covers to protect the equipment when not in use  
  • Equipment is terminated into terminal blocks for ease of wiring and   to avoid any damage to the equipment during commissioning / wiring    
  • IP5X / IP6X panels as required  
  • Variety of termination and interconnection options for  Communication (Ethernet / RS-485), Sensor input connectors, etc   
  • Customised as per application / unit to be tested
  • Highly robust design with an industrial-grade plastic casing
  • Can simulate and monitor Analog as well as Digital IOs for field testing
  • High channel count in a compact package
  • Can be used for - AMF Controller, Simple PLCS, Customised controllers
  • Wide-range supply 100-300 VAC
  • Brainchild's feature-rich Paperless recorder in a Portable, Industrial  grade case  
  • Multiple 3/6/12/18/24++ Temperature / Analog channel options with  true universal inputs  
  • AC/DC Power supply (Built-in Battery optional)  
  • Self-contained unit with all sensors / accessories and cables in  one  case  
  • Panel-mounted  Ethernet / RS-485 port    Analog Outputs / Digital Inputs / Outputs  
  • Product Featured

                - 12 Temperature Inputs

                - 10 Thermocouple + 2 RTD        

                - 12 Pressure Sensor Inputs        

                - Dual Power Supply - 230 V AC OR 11 - 36 V DC

                -High-speed Pulse input ( 4,500 Hz+)        

               - DC Voltage measurement          

              - Provision for Ethernet and RS485 connections

               on the front panel

  • Portable testers for operation of temperature and pressure sensors/switches in the
  • Compact capable of upto 10 bar pressure or 100 °C temperature in the field
  • Can be customised for specific sizes / thread patterns of sensors to be tested
  • Only temperature pressure testers can also be provided
  • Compact Size 500 400 x 200 mm. Light Weight <6 Kg

Measures Active, Reactive, Apparent Energy, Power and THD, along with all the other energy parameters-V1, PF etc.

  • THD upto 15th harmonic
  • Onsite Programmable system configuration 3Ph4W/3Ph3w/1Ph2w
  • Programmable CT ratios and PT ratios Onsite and Remotely (via RS485)
  • Large, white backlit LCD for clearer readings in small frame of 96 x 96 x 55 mm
  • Highly accurate true RMS measurement as per IEC 62053
  • Multiple output options- RS-485/1-Pulse Relay/2-Pulse Relay
  • Can display 67 parameters on screen & measures 130+ key parameters which are available over RS485
  • High Accuracy options - Class 0.5 and Class 0.2
  • Usable for both 3Ph4W/3Ph3W applications
  • High brightness 3-Line LED display
  • Versatile applications with configurable Output options - Upto 2 x 4-20 mA
  • Output, 2 x Relay Outputs, 2 xPulse Outputs, Ethernet and / or RS-485
  • Measures and displays 48 different electrical parameters
  • Low back depth of 80mm despite multiple outputs
  • Import/Export Energy Measurement
  • 3 phase AMF Controller module (can also be used in 1 phase)
  • Senses 3 phase mains as well as DG line current, voltage, frequency, PF and energy.
  • Sensing inverter battery & cabin temperature for telecom sites (EGCP - 04 T)
  • 45 programmable parameters for control, safety and testing
  • 11 Digital Inputs (Optically-Isolated) & 12 Digital Outputs (Optically-isolated) Isolated)
  • Customization and OEM Supplies available
  • Compact 96 X 192 X 80mm frame size
  • Large 16 X 4 LCD for better readability
  • Wide working voltage: 6.5-15V (12V Version)/7-30V (24V Version)
  •  Non contact measurement of vibrations
  •  Sensor is at fixed distance of 200 mm away from objects - can be customized to operate at lower distance up to 50 mm
  • Gives an analog output of vibration
  • Can connect to PC to give frequency + amplitude of vibration
  •  Can measure Amplitude upto 5 mm & frequency up to 1 KHz
  •  Unit measure the diameter of the object
  •  Non contact and continuous measurement
  •  Suitable for Object size from 1 mm to 30 mm n Accuracy of measurement- 5 Microns Application
  • Online measurement of dia of wire / metal being drawn / extruded
  •  Checking ovality of object