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THETA offers a wide range of D.C. Drive for industrial application. Dual close loop systems provides linearity and accuracy throughout the speed range capable of providing constant and continuous torque, any speed from standstill upto base speed. The built in protection avoids malfunctioning of the motor and Drive by tripping the drive under fault condition.

RANGE: 1 HP to 100 HP

THETA drives are available as

One Quadrant Drives: Conventional unidirectional drives reversible by contactors, suitable for applications which include Machine tools, Conveyors, paper mills, papering machines, Sugar units etc.

Two Quadrant Drives: Allow bi-directional movement with unidirectional torque in applications such as coiler/ Decoiler in rolling mills, paper & textile winders, etc.

Four Quadrant Drives: Incorporating dual converters for static reversible motion with regenerative breaking for rapid position control. Typical application includes tool, elevators, cranes etc.

Modules are cost effective incorporate package, which saves panel space, available as 1 phase, 2 phase, 3 phase. Drives are available in Open Type as well as Panel Type.

Feature of Thyristor Drive

THETA Drives have gained the trust of O.E.M. and End User customers due to their quality and reliability. To ensure this, only the best components are used, assembly work is carefully monitored and every unit/ panel is 100% tested before dispatch.

THETA provides full support to O.E.M. panel and machine builders to ensure that you get exactly what you need. We provide comprehensive applications Engineering support to our O.E.M. customers.

THETA THD 700 series D.C. Drives are available only as custom-configured panels & systems, incorporating any of the features tabulated above and those indicated under panel features on the front of the leaflet.
All other THETA Drive models are available in standard form as enclosed units, but can alternatively be incorporated into panels & systems as per requirements. Panels and systems can also include:
Programmable Logic Controllers, Sensors, indicators, controllers and recorders for parameters such as heating, WEB speed, Pressure, Level and/ or other machine/process parameters, Supervisory computer system (or interface for computer system)

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  • Sectional drives in paper machine
  • Rolling mill drives
  • Laminations and Coating plants
  • Film extrusion lines
  • Regenerative breaking for rapid position control
  • For machine tools
  • Elevators & Crams
  • Decoilers & coiler in rolling mills
  • Paper & textile winders
  • Applications such as conveyers
  • Applications in packing machine & sugar mills