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The Fuzzy Logic plus PID Microprocessor base Profiling Controller series incorporate two bright, easy to read 4-digit LED Displays indicating Process value & set point value.

Many applications need to vary temperature or process value with time. Such applications need a controller which varies a set point as a function of time.
The profiling controller P41 and P91 can do this.

The set point is varied by using a set point profiler. The profile is stored as a series of “ramp” and “dwell “segments, as shown below.

There are four type of segments:

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Flexible Configuration of Program:

There are up to 64 segments can be defined for a profile. Each segment can be configured as a ramp or a dwell (soak) segment or defining a repeat number of cycles at arbitray location within the profile and finally terminated by an end segment. The user can edit a currently running profile.

Maximum Capacity of Program:

There are at most 9 profiles can be defined and 288 segments totally available for all profiles. The profiles are divide into three kinds of length. The short length profile contains 16 segments; the medium length profile contains 32 segments while the long length profile contains 64 segments at most.

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Various Application of Profile Controller