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If you require reliable and accurate closed-loop control of temperature, flow, pressure, pH, or any other process parameter, you would be interested in the world-class BTC Series of P.I.D. Controllers. BTC P.I.D. Controllers have gained worldwide acceptance for quality and reliability. These Controllers are clearly your best choice, in terms of specifications, features, quality, and prices, proved by over 4,00,000 BTC PID controllers installed worldwide.

Service and applications support is provided by THETA, distributors for BTC in INDIA. We are an industrial Electronics Engineering firm with years of customer oriented experience, in service of Indian Industry.

THETA CONTROLS offers you a wide range of PID CONTROLLERS in different cutout size and features to meet all needs.

PID Controller Accessories like:
  • Valve Positioning sub-controllers.
  • Instruments power protection units.
  • Panel adaptors to fit 24 or 48 X 48mm in larger existing cutouts.
  • Loop power units for 4-20 mA transmitter loops.
  • SNA-10A: RS232/485 converters.
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Feature of PID Controllers
  • User Friendly
  • Universal inputs : RTD, Thermocouple, Linear.
  • Wide range of outputs: Pulse, Relay, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA.
  • Alarm Functions Available.
  • Communication: RS-485/232 interface,
  • Retransmission outputs: 4-20 mA / 0-10 V DC
  • Lockout protection control.
  • Provision of Heater break detection.
  • Auxiliary power supply available for Transmitters.
  • Available in various sizes: 48x48 mm, 48x96 mm, 96x96 mm, 24x48 mm.
  • UL/CSA/CE approvals.
  • Using Software along with PID Controller can form a Superior Data Acquisition System to give you solutions for your applications
Various Application of PID Controller