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The VR 18 is a Paperless Recorder that displays real time measured data on a color LCD & saves data on a compact flash card. It can be hooked up to network via Ethernet, which enables to inform by E - mail and to monitor on Web site. It comes with maximum eighteen channels. As the input signal, a DC voltage, thermocouple, resistance temperature detector, or contact signal can be set to each channel. The Observer software allows a PC to display & print wave forms.

Panel Mount Style   Bench Top/ Portable style  

Salient Features of Paperless Recorder.

Application Areas:

Paperless Recorder can be used to monitor, record, and evaluate the processes in:
  • Chemical plant,
  • Food & Beverage Plant,
  • Tyre Industries,
  • Semiconductor Plant,
  • Metal Alloy, Steel Plants,
  • Automotive Plant,
  • Environmental Monitoring or Laboratory,
  • Plastic Extrusion Equipment,
  • Forging Companies,
  • Power Plants,
  • Cement Industries,
  • Paper and Pulp Industries,
  • Pharmaceuticals
Low Cost Paperless Recorder VR-06:
  • We have come out with the low cost Paperless Recorder VR -06 whose functions are identical to VR-18, with maximum six channels only.
Application Notes