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From scientific research to industrial quality control.. Vision system increases your productivity and helps you integrate vision into your work:

Machine Vision Systems consist of a camera, an image grabber that acquires the images, illumination, and intelligent software that controls the other components, processes the images, and gives the reformation. It i4s a Low cost system based on PCI/PXI technology.

Computer-based technologies and tools for industrial machine vision and scientific image processing are quickly being incorporated into a variety of applications. Corporations use computer-based vision and automation tools in a wide variety of industrial and scientific application including electronics, automotive, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and research application.

These systems perform process monitoring, information gathering and feedback control on-the-fly to correct manufacturing problems. Scientific and Laboratory automation and image processing applications use filtering and analysis techniques to perform cell and biomaterial counting and sizing. From processes such as pharmaceutical package inspection to counting radioactivity tagged cells in biomedical research, vision system can dramatically improve production yield and automate lab procedures . Pattern matching, OCR, color matching, gauging, and edge detection. Build low-cost customizable solutions for pattern matching, alignment, gauging, inspection, and optical character recognition (OCR) applications.

With computer-based vision systems, you can increase productivity, flexibility, consistency, reliability, lower production cost and perform complex inspection tasks. The following customer solutions showcase different industries that take advantages of these vision tools and technologies.

Incorporating easy -to use PC based vision tools to your computer based measurement and automation system cuts development times, expands system flexibility and reusability, and ultimately delivers additional cost savings to your organization. Using PC-based vision systems, you increase productivity, flexibility, consistency and reliability.

Vision Systems combine proven software and hardware tools to provide complete development systems for a variety of machine vision tasks. NI Vision Systems include development software and plug-in hardware, as well as an analog camera, lens, and cabling.

We can provide a PC based Machine Vision System using image acquisition card and application software
  • Designed to accurately check inspection parameter such as shape, position, dimension, Surface finish, color, and missing parts detection.
  • For thickness measurement, pattern recognition and surface inspection.
  • Visual inspection to tackle quality control problems on production lines
  • Surveillance and monitoring high security areas
  • Automotive Industry: Glass break pattern analysis
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical: eye motion study or inspection of pills in blister pack Electronic Industry: Pattern matching for inspecting PCBs, or LCD display inspection, etc.
  • Vision Counting the Number of Bottles System
  • Vision Inspection for FMCG Sector
  • Vision System For Hardness Measurement
  • Vision Inspection in Food Processing Industry