Industrial Networking

The international Hirschmann Electronics Group headquartered in Neckartenzlingen, near Stuttgart, stands for competence and resourceful innovation in the fields of automation and network technology, automobile electronics, multimedia communication, as well as construction machinery electronics.

As a specialist in automation and network solutions, Hirschmann supplies complete and integrated infrastructures for companywide data communication. The product lineup ranges from network components for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet via fieldbus systems. These are used in many different applications such as factory automation, process engineering, traffic management systems, and in individual machinery controllers.

Today Ethernet is the most widespread communication technology in electronic data processing systems.

This technology is now also gaining increasing importance in industrial automation. Along with the advantages of standardized communication, a seamless infrastructure is produced that stretches from the office to the machine or sensor. In this way process and manufacturing data is not just available at the field level, but is seamlessly integrated into higher-level data acquisition systems.

One of major advantage of Hirschmann Devices is that we get Media Redundancy by forming a HIPER Ring.
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Our products are subjected to stresses you to encounter in the form of electromagnetic high operating temperatures and mechanical stresses. These features are must for all the industrial grade products. Our Industrial Networking Products from Hirschmann have various Industrial approvals & Certification.
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The networking products that we use for office automation cannot be used in industries as the requirement differs a lot.
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Hirschmann devices have been used in many mission critical applications like airports, oil-field, power plants, marine applications, etc.
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