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This new HMI family Smart Panels includes 4.3", 7" low-cost, 7" high-performance, 10.4" & 15" total five models all in colors.

Hardware-wise, they have very high specifications and many options like Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, Stainless Steel front bezel IP66K for Food, Beverage & Phama industries.

HMI 450   HMI 730   HMI 750   HMI 1050   HMI 1550

Software-wise, the friendly Panel Studio has similar environment like Visual Studio, and optional Symbol Factory supplies many high-resolution components.

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Panel Studio:

Panel Studio is free editing software for Brainchild SmartPanels.

Panel Studio Plus offers Symbol Factory, thousands of symbols with animation for many industrial applications

Many application of HMI
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