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One of major advantage of Hirschmann Devices, is that we get Media Redundancy by forming a Hyper Ring. Both Copper and fiber can be used to for a ring (as supported by the devices selected). In the ring, one of the devices is set as the Redundancy Manager. This manager maintains one segment of the ring as a standby path (the dotted line in the fig). The manager continuously monitors the status of the ring. If it detects a fault in the network (which can occur because of either a link between any two devices failing, or the device itself failing), it will connect the standby path immediately. The reconfiguration time is >150 msec for shared Ethernet with 50 switches in the ring and

Hiper Ring

Hiper ring can be formed between various managed switches of Hirschmann and can have different media between various switches (copper, Multimode & Singlemode fiber) etc.

Difference between Hiper Ring & Spanning Tree Protocol