Test Measurement and Control >> Automatic Test Equipment (ATEs)

ATE automatic test equipment is a vital part of the various test scene today. ATE enables equipment test to be undertaken very swiftly- far faster than if it were done manually and accurately.

ATE is a system which sends a stimulus to the Unit under Test (UUT) and checks the response for its correctness. Normally, a typical test would comprise of a series of stimuli covering all the aspects of the UUT.

ATEs consists of high precision data acquisition and control hardware, accurate sensors, necessary jigs and fixtures, and application software. ATEs can be used to validate your product or component’s functionality, performance, or even stress/life testing.

These are available for the entire gamut of electronic or mechanical components and electronic circuit board in assembly line, manufacturing facility or at R&D level for higher productivity, quality and cost reduction with minimum testing time.

THETA Automatic Test Systems includes:
  • PC system : PXI, Industrial or Commercial Desk-top / Laptop
  • Sequencing – Checking – Reports of the test requirements
  • Software for automatic testing, data recording, report
  • Standard and custom-designed sensors
Theta ATE offers you the following benefits:
  • Flexibility
    Simply by change of the Test file, a different product model can be tested using our ATE.

  • Reporting
    Report Formats of your choice can be generated for each unit tested.

  • Easy Retrieval of Data
    Test results can be stored for every unit tested facilitating easy retrieval. Being PC based, the system storage can be as much as you desire.

  • Statistics
    From Data stored in PC, you can generate statistical data such as Percentage of failures No of units tested for each model, Failure Types

Projects by Theta:
  • Compressor Calorimeter
  • Refrigerator Test Lab (energy)
  • Refrigerator Test Lab (hot Room)
  • Lock Rotor Test for Compressors
  • Generators/alternators Performance Testing
  • Domestic Water Heaters
  • Electric Irons
  • Psychometric Lab for Air Conditioners
  • Damping Force Testing for Shock Absorbers / Front Forks
  • Functionality Test System for Railway Signaling Groups/relays
  • Functionality Test System for Body Control Module for
  • Automobiles
  • Functionality Test System for Engine Control Unit for
  • Automobiles
  • Life Test Unit for Image Intensifier Tubes
  • Tyre Endurance Test System
  • Power Regulators
Application Note:
  • Automatic Test Systems for Shock Absorbers
  • Automatic Test Systems for Window Air Conditioners